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Percy and Esme Mudaly pioneered the River Church in 1994. Ministry for Percy commenced  a very early age in the Selah full Gospel church where he  served in the various  ranks for over 2 decades. His 35 years in total as a member and leader in Selah Full Gospel Church in Northdene helped shape and establish the fundamental values and character requirements necessary  for full time work.

Both Percy and Esme served the department of education and culture services as educators. Percy left in 1996 and Esme later to serve the church full time. Based on new testaments principles came aboared in 1993 while Percy was shaped as a writer concerntrating at city of life Pinetown. Apostle Rod Seafo acknowledged the grace upon his life and ordealed him in full time ministry. There was a clean voice that the church will be pioneered by Percy and Esme and their 3 children should call no one to join them.  Who ever wish ed to join them will be sent by the Lord.

The ministry  commenced on a Wednesday night in April 1994 in a class room in Wiping Heights Secondary school where Percy commenced subjects at that time. Amazingly 2 students from the school joined then that evening. Growth and increase came about as a  result of non believers community to Christ our Lord through Peace they received in their troubled circumstancces. Many came to Christ miraculous signs and wonders.

For years later in December 1998 we purchased the Methodist church at 211 Main Road in Malvern. The circumstances and provision for these major step was nothing short of miraculous. The church began to grow through miraculous signs and wonders and therefore step teaching of God word. Our Primary focus is reaching people through   Jesus and then steer them to a Biblical teaching towards becoming mature.Our household of faith resonates the kingdom culture  of Love. A happy and prosperous home  and families are living in the kingdom.    

Come and join us in worship!

Come and join us in worship, witness amazing miracles of healing and deliverance, witness many breakthroughs in finances, family life and personal challenges. We welcome you!


211 Main Road, Malvern, 4055

Durban, KZN, South Africa

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